Aerial Drone Photography& Videography

About Us

About Thinkidea is a fine-art photographer & video website currently based in Raiganj, India.

We like to tell stories through snap shots with the aid of setting them on the threshold of fact wherein the visuals are realistic however tough to believe. Most of his images are photographic interpretations of current occasions while others are primarily based on left over recollections of his dreams which he files on a regular basis via drawing sketches.

We are also into Media Production, Corporate Ad films, Branding Agency, and wedding videos. We create compelling films with the right quantity of emotions, leisure and entertainment. Specific understanding lies in growing wow movies; movement snap shots which experience more human; and films which take pleasure in less selling and greater storytelling. In a nutshell, we make communication quantities with the functionality to turn browsers into clients. don’t just make movies, we create moments that linger in the thoughts even after the video is over. For each assignment, our goal is to create effective movies that gain real enterprise effects. Our experienced team works carefully with your logo to craft significant tales and capture moments that cope with core motion factors of the target audience.

Our Team

We are a humble team of photographers and designers who are passionate about helping our clients reach their goals. We’re determined to craft unique user experiences & highly functional digital albums while still maintaining proper aesthetics.